On the western edge of Brazil, bordering Bolivia and Paraguay, exists the biggest wetland in the world, the Pantanal. The Pantanal covers an area of approximately 150,000 sq. km of the upper Paraguay River basin. It is home to a diversity of species making it almost as rich as the, more well known, Amazon Rainforest. But the difference is, in the Pantanal, the animals are more readily seen. As the flat terrain and less dense vegetation (compared to the Amazon) provides a much better window into their lives. The Pantanal is one of the only areas in the world where sightings of the elusive Jaguar occur regularly. And where the probability of photographing these beautiful cats becomes reality.

The tours take place in boats along the rivers. Scanning for jaguars on the banks, as they are drawn to the river in search of their favorite prey, which in the region, are caimans and capybaras. During the dry season, the water once located on the flood plains has now reverted to the rivers; bring the all the animals closer together and causing a density of available prey that inevasible for predators such as the Jaguar.

Pass the time in between jaguar sighting observing many of the 450 unique and beautiful bird species that make the Pantanal their home. But feel the rush of excitement, when the capybaras bark, alerting the presence as one of these massive big cats approaching. Jaguars are the 3rd largest cats in the world and, in the Pantanal, this species shows the extent of how big they can get. Some individuals reaching a whopping 150kg and one can get a sense of their size as the jaguar walks, casually plowing through the vegetation like Sherman Tanks.

Various options are available for lodging, from camping to floating hotels, so prices vary. The season begins in June when the waters recede from the flood plains and continue through November until the rains start up again. But space is limited on the floating hotels and reservations need to be made well in advance.

For this tour we also have the additional options of making it a photography workshop with a professional award-winning photographer, as well as, an option to make a combined birding/jaguar tour, with expert bird guides.

So don’t waste any time and let Wildcat Expeditions take you on an adventure to the Pantanal, so you can cross the cryptic jaguar off your bucket list!