GREETINGS! Here we are back again in Chilean Patagonia to see the charismatic pumas! And we are proud to announce the addition of National Geographic photographer Ingo Arndt who will be joining us for a unique and exclusive experience searching for and photographing pumas in their natural habitat. Known all over the world for his excellence Arndt has received many awards and will be featured in the December 2018, issue of National Geographic in which his article for Big Cat week has left us awestruck with his striking and “one of a kind” photos.

Now you have the opportunity to join Ingo and follow in his footsteps as you attempt to capture the same ambience of his puma encounters from the two years he spent visiting Patagonia in search of his timeless photos of pumas in the wild.

We will be tracking with the same team of guides and puma trackers Ingo used during his epic journeys for National Geographic, delving into the wilds of Torres del Paine to enjoy one of its most iconic species as well as its fascinating landscapes and other distinctive animal species. To further enhance your experience group sizes will be limited to two to three guests (on rare occasions a fourth can be permitted).

Our goal for this trip is to capture pumas in the snow so it is set to take place during the winter.  Deep snow is now somewhat rare and, after falling, settles for a day or two within various sectors. To give our guests the best opportunity for a good snow, we recommend ten days in the field.

This lengthier tour with limited group size will allow for more intimate time with Ingo, learning how to take photos with proper framing and lighting from a master of photography and seeing the world from his perspective. On this tour you will discover what it means to be a professional photographer and the sacrifices one makes to get that flawless shot. Along the way you will acquire the knowledge of how to be respectful of the animals, to obtain photos highlighting their natural behavior, a technique only someone like Ingo can teach you.

Be one of the few people in the world to take part in this extraordinary, exclusive, first of its kind photo tour with world renowned Ingo Arndt!

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